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Pozsi Kolors AKA Tecnikolor Banshie

Recording artist and stylist, Pozsi Kolors

Laying down elctronic tracks as Tecnikolor Banshie


Heads you lose, Tails I win.

There was so much hair, fringe, and fur swinging back and forth I was practically hypnotized.


Mixed Media Artist and Musician, Richard Bradley

Bradley throws down as Pictureplane hits the ones and twos at the East River Pool Party.

Challenging the status quo of contemporary fashion, Bradley (also know as Sandy or Granny) upgrades any concert into a legitimate party.


I'm just gonna stick the tip in.

...and see how it feels.

This was a dandy dedication to the ombre craze that's sweeping the scene. It was also a great learning experience for me to learn to turn off the sounds on my phone when hairsniping. I had to get so close to grab this, it was uncomfortable.


...Just a Trim?

I'm not about to pay for this haircut.

OK, follow closely: Dude has not only shaved the best part of his hair OFF, but is actively cutting the ends of his own moltin' Michael Bolten on the subway. Apparently he carries these tiiiiiiiiiny scissors with him everywhere he goes, and snips away when time permits. HAIR BY INDIVIDUAL HAIR. Who needs knitting or smoking when you can do this with your hands all day?

And by the way, I have no clue as to what the paint bucket is for.