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Alexa Wilding


Recording Artist Alexa WildingWhat are some of your personal style influences? Women in the world like Patty Smith and Anna Corinna, and I kinda like to meet in the middle of that. This is definitely an an Anna Corinna day. My daily aesthetic is very rock and roll meets French ballerina. I love puffed sleeves, and I love things that are more costume.

Who cuts your hair? Esther at Arrojo Studio. She's a friend, and she's the best.

How do you merge fashion and music? I wear Ivana Helsinki practically every single day because to me, it's the easiest embodiment of my style. It's innocent girl/woman with a little bit of an edge to it. I would always wear a dress like this with black tights adding sort of a beatnik edge to things instead of going Alice in Wonderland with it. I think for me, since music is my life, I try to be Alexa Wilding all the time. For me there really isn't much difference between the stage and everyday life. When I get up on stage, I try to bring that whimsical darkness as well.